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What we do

PIMFA is the voice of the UK’s personal wealth services sector and we represent this sector to relevant governmental, industry and regulatory bodies to create positive meaningful change for firms and their clients.

Our strategic priorities

Creating Accessible Markets for All

Creating an industry fit for the future

Advancing effective and proportionate regulation & supervision

We believe in the value of financial advice and the support it provides all consumers when making complex financial decisions. We will always champion the value of advice and avenues to increase take up of forms of targeted support as part of any policy discussion.

View our Future of Advice microsite here.

Post Brexit Rulebook

We believe that the UK’s financial services sector can thrive outside of Europe. We continue to advocate for a more bespoke rulebook and proportionate regulatory requirements befitting the needs of UK firms and consumers.

Compensation Frameworks

We recognise the value of being able to access compensation or fair and accessible arbitration in instances where consumers have received a poor outcome. We continue to argue for proportionate, transparent and fair avenues to compensation for consumers which give due consideration to the impact on firms who fund it.

Greater Retail Participation

The UK retail investment market is one of the largest in the world. Millions of people invest directly into financial instruments on an annual basis. And yet policy makers continue to overlook the role that retail investors can play in growing the economy at the expense of institutional firms. We continue to advocate on behalf of retail investors across all policy discussions.

We support encouragement from government and the regulator to create greater participation in ESG investing. Any such moves need to take account of consumer demand relative to the regulatory requirements and ensure that firms can offer products and services with confidence in what is expected of them.

View our Sustainable Finance and ESG microsite here.

Regulatory Accountability

We recognise the value of regulation in ensuring that consumers and firms can draw confidence from the market. However, it is vital that as we create a new regulatory framework and confer new powers onto our regulatory bodies so that they are subject to the correct level of accountability whilst maintaining regulatory independence.

Tax and Investment Incentives

We believe in the strength of tax and investment incentives to encourage people to save and invest. It is vital that any government ensures that these incentives are not tinkered with, remain fit for purpose for the needs of UK savers and are clearly communicated to UK savers.

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