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This joint PIMFA report with ALPHA assesses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing approaches based on the findings of a survey of PIMFA member firms, representing the UK Wealth Management and Financial Advice industry.

To accompany this there is a accompanying infographic.

PIMFA Under 40 Leadership RESEARCH REPORT 2022

The PIMFA Under 40 Leadership Committee (U40LC) is an exciting initiative that brings together talented young people from across our member firms.

These future leaders work together in a dedicated community to learn and collaborate with their peers, and also to conduct primary research focusing on current hot topics impacting us all across our industry.

The U40LC contributes to the strategic thinking of PIMFA and has been operating in one form or another for over 6 years – creating a plethora of useful insights and research, alongside a network of alumni they can rely on in their future careers.

In 2022 a big part of the research was on ESG: a lever to encourage savings and investment. Which brought some interesting conclusions:

  • Findings across demographics on aggregate show a focus and interest on ESG that can be a potential catalyst to encourage people to invest for the first time, or to invest more of their current wealth in not just ESG but more widely.
  • However, the way in which ESG encourages people varies significantly depending on the audience; key differences in approach are needed depending on the age and/or gender of the investor.
  • Greater education and a more standardised approach to assessing Environmental factors is required.

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